Monday, July 26, 2010

Lorac Private Affair Palette Swatches

Hey guys, lemme tell ya when I first saw this Lorac palette in the Sephora email a week ago - I feel in love! I'm a sucker for the burgundy shadow. I wanted the Regal palette by Smashbox last year that had a similar color in it and have been kicking myself (harder than it sounds, you could sprain an ankle that way!) ever since. I've only used it once since these are kind of "fall" colors but first impression is great! It comes with a small size of their primer and a duel ended brush. The  brush is garbage though, it looked much better on sephora's site but it's crap! So useless. Also, you have to hold the palette open to use the shadows, so packaging is a bit awkward. However, the important thing was the shadows and they're amazing! Very pigmented, very soft. The purpose of this post was not a review though, I wanted to get some pictures/swatches up because when I ordered it last week the only swatches I could find were on sephora's site. Most of the shadows looked accurate but the silver shadow looked green to me on sephora's picture so here are mine. I hope this helps if you are thinking of purchasing this palette;

Lorac Private Affairs Palette 
At / $38 

I kind of ran out out "primed skin" on the end shadow lol. Sorry but I have small hands :)
All of the other shadows have the Lorac primer underneath. 
This palette contains such a pretty "taupe" shade!

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