Thursday, July 29, 2010

Avon Lipstick Swatches

This post will be short guys but I was flipping through the current Avon catalog and some lipstick caught my eye. If you have ever ordered from Avon before, especially lipstick, then you know what a gamble that is as far as color goes. Their swatches are almost useless, even online and I haven't had much luck finding many swatches on blogs either. So here are swatches if all the Avon lipsticks I own! I hope this helps if you are considering one of these colors. I love these - great colors, quality, and the price is great too!


Left to Right: BCPL (Beyond Color Plumping Lipstick) Mad for Mauve, Uptown Pink, URCL (Ultra Rich Color Lipstick) Pout, Rose Mauve, Wink, BCPL in Pink Lemonade.

These are showing up just a tad lighter in the picture than in RL and the last one (Pink Lemonade) is the only real "shimmer" lipstick and is, for some reason, showing up darker than in RL - it's actually a very, very light but opaque shimmery pink. Also Pout is very sheer. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Outfit of the (yester)day 7/24/10

I feel like this is my “suit,” my uniform. Not that I wear this that often but if I had to pick a go-to outfit that’s just “me” this would be it. Distressed jeans, t-shirt, blazer, and flats. All of my favorites are in this outfit ! These jeans are from gap and are new, got them a few weeks ago and wow, I feel like I’m cheating ‘cause they feel like PJ pants, they are the nice broken-in denim and I’m going to try hard not to wear them everyday lol. Also these flats get worn almost EVERYday, for the amount of shoes this girl has it’s ridiculous but hey, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it :) The necklaces are from Forever 21 (the longer one) and Francesca’s Collection (the fleur di lis one). I’m obsessed with fluer de lis’ for many reasons but no, I’m not a saints fan :)

Lorac Private Affair Palette Swatches

Hey guys, lemme tell ya when I first saw this Lorac palette in the Sephora email a week ago - I feel in love! I'm a sucker for the burgundy shadow. I wanted the Regal palette by Smashbox last year that had a similar color in it and have been kicking myself (harder than it sounds, you could sprain an ankle that way!) ever since. I've only used it once since these are kind of "fall" colors but first impression is great! It comes with a small size of their primer and a duel ended brush. The  brush is garbage though, it looked much better on sephora's site but it's crap! So useless. Also, you have to hold the palette open to use the shadows, so packaging is a bit awkward. However, the important thing was the shadows and they're amazing! Very pigmented, very soft. The purpose of this post was not a review though, I wanted to get some pictures/swatches up because when I ordered it last week the only swatches I could find were on sephora's site. Most of the shadows looked accurate but the silver shadow looked green to me on sephora's picture so here are mine. I hope this helps if you are thinking of purchasing this palette;

Lorac Private Affairs Palette 
At / $38 

I kind of ran out out "primed skin" on the end shadow lol. Sorry but I have small hands :)
All of the other shadows have the Lorac primer underneath. 
This palette contains such a pretty "taupe" shade!

Monday, July 19, 2010

How I organize my nail polishes!

I got tired of digging through and trying to organize my nail polishes lately so here is what I ended up with;

I bought two-three tier bamboo spice organizers from Walmart (little over $5 each FYI, they aren't on the website though, I checked) and voila...

There are two of them side by side on top of my bookshelf in the picture. Each row holds 7-14 of my polishes. One row holds about 7 polishes and two rows fit on each tier. 

A better view.....

Then I organized polishes by color. The base/top coats etc. are on the other side next to the holder, sorry the pic doesn't show this :(

 I keep this craft organizer close to the bookshelf for all my misc. craft stuff so I just used the top drawer for all the little "nail" extras: konad plates, files, etc.

I highly recommend this manicure saver I got from Sally's Beauty (link here) especially if you use the Konad stamps (I got them from!
 It's a lifesaver! (well...manicure saver lol)

This system seems to work really well for me, I like having everything out where I can see it! 

How do you guys organize? Please share!