Monday, February 8, 2010

Haulage, my friends, lots of Haulage...

So...obviously I've shopping lately! Here is some hauls from the last couple of weeks or so. Enjoy!

I found these beauts at my local Marshalls (an inpromptu visit - aren't those the best ones?). The peach sweater is Talbot's brand, the PJ pants are nautica, and the shell/vest is from I brand I've never heard of. Yes ladies (or guys...whatever!)I got out of that store for $22. Proud moment lol. I bought the black shell to wear as a vest but it looks great alone as well. The peach number looked ok on the hanger but the color was so pretty I had to try it glad I did, it's beautiful on! It's a little longer than 3/4 sleaves and screams laid back spring, let your hair down and go pick flowers! Ok, not literally screamed it, because that would be disterbing :) but you get the picture. And the PJ pants? Well just needed some!

On to some of my thrifting spoils! This skirt is adorable on. It's another one of those...well I might as well try it on items. And it was a dollar -yes $1.00. Awsome. The scarf was cute (and new!) and the tie was purple and floral so, yeah, had to get that too :)
I found the skirt and scarf at an upscale consignment store (always check the clearance racks!!) and the tie at goodwill.

This belt is from Target, Mossimo brand and was under $2. Can't beat that! I wouldn't normaly wear a belt like this but that was the point, if I don't watch myself, I'll end up buy too much of the same style! So when a good deal comes along I try to expand my horizons.

So, no shopping trip would be complete with out visiting TJMaxx. Plus I had a gift card from Christmas that was burning a whole in my pocket :)
The purple sweater is so warm! I think subconciously that's why I bought it, it was freezing that night! The t shirt is Lucky brand (love) and has a fleur de lis on it -jackpot! The blue/black striped top has to be my favorite of the bunch! I love the silver button detailing on the sleeves, also the sleeves are long enough! I have a very petite torso but longer arms so if a top is short enough on me the sleeves are usually WAY too short. Definatly the reason I hate buying winter clothes so much! The black jacket looked a little strange on the hanger but trust me -it's cute on a body! The most expensive thing I hauled there was just $10. Mission Acomplished!

The shirt on the left is from JC Penny's, they were having a good clearance sale this week, not the lowest prices I've ever seen there but still some good deals. I had to have this shirt though...good deal or not (it was an ok deal btw) for two reasons 1) it fit my chest, darts on button up shirts never never never never fit my chest! If it fits in the shoulders then it will be WAY too big in the chest area, I had kind of given up on them! But this one had such great detailing! I had to try, turns out it fit! The sleeves aren't as long as I would want but its still a great shirt.

The white skirt was another great consignment store find. I snagged this one for just $4.99. I've been wanting one for a while but never could find one in a regular retail store. Then I started thrifting - BINGO!

The purple Banana Republic top was found at the same store for the same price! Good shopping day that was :) It's a cashmere/silk blend and its so beautiful!

The striped top (Liz Claiborne) was found at goodwill, I thought it looked a little Audrey Hepburn-ish so I bought it -only to find out when I got home that its also reversable! It has a thicker strip pattern on the inside. Score. And the white top/vest? Tommy Hilfiger, perfect condition, fits great, and it was $1!

Well that was my hauling adventure this month! Hope you guys enjoyed!

I'd like to know -What's the best fashion deal you've ever gotten? Do you shop sales and thrift stores? What's your shopping method?