Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6/9/10 Outfit of the day

Black Dress (worn as top) - Old Navy
Blue/Green Multi-Color Skirt - Francesca's Collection
White Gladiator Sandals - Apt. 9/Kohls
Black Belt - from a skirt I got @ JC Pennys (I heart Ronson)

It finally stopped raining and storming long enough to get an outside pic of today's outfit. I don't know what possessed me to get all dolled up today, I was just going to chill at home but...half an hour in this and I knew I had to go somewhere! So I ended up at my favorite thrift store...and came home with nothing! Always the way it goes, when I plan a thrifting trip -I find nothing, when I go unplanned -always a goldmine! You would think I'd learn by now :)


  1. the skirt really look lovely on you! i never try it before but i really want to have it one day :)