Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Organizing your closet - how I do it!

It's like a rainbow in your closet, only it's just your clothes :)~

My closet can be the bain of my existence sometimes! It gets easily out of order and can be downright uninspiring :(
As someone who loves fashion, I would walk into my closet and just want to look away! I've tried the traditional way of organizing - I bought shelves, I put like things together (t-shirts, dress shirts, pants, etc.) but it just never worked, to me, it's still too complicated.
I was going to print out a color wheel to put in my closet and that's when it hit me- What do I look for when I get dressed? Color! I think about what color I want to wear, not necessarily what type of shirt to wear. Also throw in the fact that many items, especially tops, can be dressed up or down as you want to wear them so the casual/dressy categories always had a thin line in my closet. I still organize tops with tops (all one category), bottoms with bottoms but all with like colors. If you feel uninspired (or even a little scared! lol) by your closet, give this a try :)

This is also a good way to tell how much of one color you have. I always thought I had too much black clothing but I have way too much white! And I apparently only have one sad stitch of brown and its a cami!


  1. wow! i feel like want to organize my closet rite now ;D

  2. @rotkappchen - you should try it! I love having a rainbow closet :)