Monday, November 2, 2009

Skincare - Every woman's quest...

If you are not satisfied with your current skincare routine, or if you are like me and prefer to be educated about your consumer choices then you need Dr. Denese's book "Dr. Denese's secret to ageless skin:Younger skin in 8 weeks." The title is a little deceiving -it's not only for those with aging skin. If you are old enough to have a skincare routine (hello teen years!) then you also need to read this book!

I came across this book by accident browsing in a bookstore. Best find ever. I found it on vacation and finished before I got home. The information has completely transformed the way I look at and and treat my skin. I had yet to find a skincare routine that would benefit me for more than two days. Believe me, I spent lots of time and money trying! It contains invaluable information on the how's and why's of skincare along with some interesting finds about cosmetic procedures. For instance, I found out I should be exfoliating more! And it has worked! I haven't cried over how my skin looks (those of you with out "perfect" skin know what I'm talking about)since reading and applying this information! If you care about your skin -get this book! Buy it at Amazon, Barns and Noble, or go to your library! Do not waste any more money on skincare until you read this book!

My skin story:
When people think of problem skin, they think of acne (which is covered in the book btw). They do not think of dry skin as all that bad. Oh but it can be. I've tried everything from cetefil to steroid creams (doc. prescribed) to putting vaseline and oils on my face. Guess what? Still dry, still flakey. Stretched pores from heavy creams. Awful.
Then I read Dr. Denese's book. Turns out I needed (most people need) more exfoliation and less product. When I started exfoliating heavily, all I really need to moisturize my face was a little bit of serum. My face glowed and I was speechless.
If you have skin that you aren't happy with please please this book before investing anymore of your hard earned cash in skin care that might actually be making your skin worse!

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